Sweet Potato

In the word: comfort, warmth, satiety and pleasure in the hand

Sweet Potato
  • Sweet Potato



Place a medium-sized sweet potato in a stone oven and bake it directly on the stone for about half an hour, maximum heat, until it is completely soft and slightly charred on the outside.

To Serve the dish, reheat the sweet potato directly on the stone and remove it wrapped in brown paper at the base like an ice cream cup. Serve with creme fraiche on the side.



The gene sequence of the perfect delight from the sweet potato is first deciphered, in its entirety, in ‘Miznon’. The best way to make a sweet potato is to bake it whole, inside its shell until the many sugars in it melt away from the heat and turn into a golden caramel that drains from it and coats its belly with honey. The whole world mixes it with everything that is given but few realize that one sweet potato, not too big gives everything it expects from food: comfort, warmth, satiety and pleasure.

But even those who understood it, always laid it on the plate. We made a small change that is a big evolution in the relationship between man and sweet potato, we lifted it from the plate and placed it inside the hand, (half wrapped in paper that prevents the palm from sticking to the gut lining) so we can feel her body heat, her lowness, bring her closer to feel the steam that emerges from it and eat it, bite after bite with in each of them the whole circumference of her body is in the mouth.