Cauliflower (a whole flower)

In a word: we will never break more flowers

Cauliflower (a whole flower)
  • Medium-sized cauliflower.
  • Water.
  • Salt (ratio of 1 g per liter of water).
  • 10 ml olive oil.
  • 2 g salt.



Slightly cut the cauliflower at the base but make sure to leave the green leaves. Put in boiling water for about 7 minutes. The cauliflower is ready when it is a bit pressable but still a little hard. Remove from the water and place in a baking pan. Let the cauliflower cool slightly and then rub it thoroughly with olive oil. Sprinkle the salt over and place in the oven at 250 degrees.

Note: Care must be taken to have the right boiling time, a cauliflower that has been overcooked will fall apart in the oven and will be soft and pulpy. Cauliflower that has not been cooked enough will have a hard and unpleasant texture to eat.

One of the tastiest parts is the green leaves and be sure to keep a nice amount of leaves, the cauliflower also looks more beautiful that way.

Before placing in the oven, drain the pan from the water that has drained from the cooked cauliflower.



Cauliflower used to be cabbage, as were broccoli, kohlrabi and brussels sprouts. About 5,000 years ago man domesticated the cabbage and chose the foods that contained large flowers and hybridized them with each other until the cauliflower was formed. The cauliflower is a cabbage that is almost entirely a flower. Since then, in all the years, in all the cultures, in all the kitchens, everyone has mistakenly thought that the cauliflower flower is a bouquet of cauliflower flowers, they took and disassembled it into flowers which is like taking an anemone, plucking its petals and claiming each one is a flower. One day we realized this and made the decision in our hearts that we would never break flowers again. The baked cauliflower is the result of this decision, not to trample and break the flower.

When we looked at it again, it resembled our brain, its size and the texture of its surface, we thought brain, how do we cook brain? Dip in water and then brown in a pan or oven, as most cauliflowers are too large for a pan to hold, we decided to brown them in the oven. We wanted them like brains, golden and crispy on the outside, soft and low on the inside, we found ourselves stroking them with 2 hands, many times the secret of cooking is in the movement of the body relating to the substance and there we found the secret of the exact amount of olive oil.