Tomato Salsa

Gentle polishing that creates an even fluid

Tomato Salsa

For 2 kg:

  • 1.5 kg red ripe tomatoes.
  • 0.5 green chili pepper.
  • 4 grams atlantic sea salt.
  • 50 ml olive oil.
  • Ice water to cool the tomatoes.
  • Oil for frying.



Bring water to a boil. Cut two small slits in the shape of an X on the bottom of each tomato, just so that the skin of the tomato is penetrated. Briefly boil the tomatoes (4-5 tomatoes at a time – No more!), about ten seconds, and move into ice water. Once the tomatoes are cooled, you can take them out of the water and peel them. Dice the tomatoes to small cubes and place them in a big bowl. Fry the pepper until the skin starts to loosen from the flesh, but before it starts to brown. Peel the pepper, take out its seeds, chop and add to the tomatoes. Season with salt and olive oil, mix and taste. Correct the seasoning if necessary.

Please note: Make sure the water is in full boil every time you add the tomatoes. Make sure to keep them in boiling water momentarily, so as not to cook them.

After seasoning, many fluids are excreted from the tomatoes, partly discard of them so the salsa won’t become watery. The salsa needs to have a tender saltiness and spiciness.